Meet the members of the 2021-22 RIMUN Executive Team! 


Colin Aligon

Colin is a second year student in the Euro-American Programme at Sciences Po.

Initially driven by the altruism of Socratic debate during his studies in France, it was in Montreal, Canada, that he was challenged by the more pragmatic method of Model United Nations. While the collective mix of lobbying and eloquence forged his character, Colin sees this human experience above all as encouraging intellectual emulation, both solemn and festive. Back in Reims, and in his capacity as president of RIMUN, he wishes to contribute to the implementation of this passion for international relations within the French territory.

Having made his mark in the Logistics pole, it is with his optimism matched only by his collective ambition that Colin leads his formidable team in the preparation of the 11th edition of RIMUN.

President & Secretary General

Isabella Farbahi

Isabella is a second-year-student in the Dual BA with the University of British Columbia and the Euro-American Programme at Sciences Po.


Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada she has always been surrounded by multiculturalism and had a passion for educating herself and others on pertinent issues, whether domestic or international. Model UN was the perfect opportunity for this, she took part and organized two conferences in her high school Model UN club. After this, she gained a renewed passion for debate and diplomacy that was further solidified with RIMUN.


After learning and growing so much thanks to MUN, she hopes she and her team will provide the same incredible Model UN experiences that she had with this next iteration of RIMUN. She wishes that every delegate has an amazing time at the conference.

Vice-President and Head of Registrations

Athénaïs Huet

Treasurer & Head of Logistics

Athénais is a second year student in the Euro-American program at SciencesPo.

Born to a slovak mother and a french father, Athénais lived in London, as a child before settling in the south of France. Growing in this international setting, Athénais developed a passion for international affairs that grew even stronger since her arrival at RIMUN and SciencesPo. Athénais has a passion for organizing and planning large events..

At this level, the slightest detail counts. In order to satisfy the delegates as much as possible, from the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony and including an exceptional gala, she leaves nothing to chance and can count on a team of the most perfectionists.

Marthe Pailler

Secretary and Head of Communications

Marthe is a second year student in the Europe-African program at SciencesPo.

Of Ivorian and French origin, Marthe has always been immersed in a mixed culture, which has given rise to a particular attraction to the issues and problems that govern international relations, and which result in certain inequalities between states. Also animated by a passion for artistic expression and aesthetics, especially graphic design, it is quite natural that Marthe has integrated RIMUN in the communication pole where she is now at the head...

Alongside a great team, it is with great optimism and determination that she hopes to share the passion of MUN with as many students as possible through the 11th edition of RIMUN.