RIMUN 2019

Globalization and Isolation: a Crisis of Coexistence​

As our world becomes exponentially closer on an unprecedented scale due to globalization, the international community has become increasingly divided. Paradoxically, globalization has resulted in a crisis of coexistence. States have each taken various measures to either embrace the new interconnectedness or to protect themselves from it. While globalization has resulted in improved quality of life, increased cultural and academic exchange, and greater economic growth, it has also worsened inequalities, devastated minority cultures and languages, and developed a system of economic dependency which disproportionately favours certain States. Migration remains at the core of this dilemma, as States have reacted against the global increase in migration by outsourcing border security, tightening immigration policy, and building walls.

Whether we, as the international community, are attaining an even more globalized world or if we will further isolate ourselves within our State boundaries remains unclear.


This is why the theme of RIMUN 2019 is Globalization and Isolation: Crisis of Coexistence, as we must try to resolve one of the defining questions of our modern era.