Our team is made up of 29 students from the first and second years of Sciences Po Paris, Campus of Reims. It is one of the leading Universities in Political Sciences and International Relations in the world, ranked 2th by the QS University Rankings.


Together, we work hard from the very beginning of the academic year to put together a well-structured conference. In order to increase efficiency, our team is divided in several poles that are in charge of specific tasks. 


They all work under the direction of a four-member executive, made up of the secretary, the treasurer, the Vice-President, and the President (Secretary General of the conference). 

We are proud to have a particularly diverse and dedicated team of 14 nationalities with MUN experience gained all over the world. 


The RIMUN team is divided into five poles:

Communications Pole:

The Communications team is in charge of attracting people to the conferences organized by RIMUN. They are also in charge of documenting RIMUN's conferences and events. 

Skilled in video-making, photo-editing and writing, our Communications team is there to make sure you won't miss out on any information about the conference. 


Delegations Pole:

The Delegations team works to promote and represent our conference across Europe and the world. 

The Delegations team also represents the brand of RIMUN on the Sciences Po Paris, Campus of Reims, providing training and events for students to inform them of the diverse opportunities that MUN offers. 


Logistics Pole:


The Logistics team deals with the material organization of the events. This ranges from booking hotels for guest speakers to estimating costs for an order of name tags. Of course, the Logistics team is also in charge of organizing the gala, without forgetting to taste champagne!


Registrations Pole:

The Registrations team’s key roles are in regards to organizing and dealing with RIMUN’s delegate and chair applications. The Registration’s team plays the very important role of assigning committees and countries to delegates and hiring Staff members for the RIMUN conference. The Registration’s team is often the one in direct contact with delegates and chairs so are ready to help you with any issues !


Scripts Pole:

The Scripts team is in charge of creating conference committees, subjects and themes, as well as writing the rules of procedure for the RIMUN conferences. As a result, the Scripts team is able to stimulate debate through their choice of controversial subjects and corresponding parties. Scripts also proofreads Chair reports and creates crisis situations during the debates.