The Reims International Model United Nations was created in 2011 by a group of eight students with a passion for debate and a desire to share enriching discussions with fellow undergraduates. 

It held its first edition in March 2012 on the Euro-American Campus of Sciences Po Paris in Reims. 

Today, RIMUN is a landmark association of this campus, and one of the biggest events of the academic year. More and more universities join us every year during this conference, and thus the project keeps growing.


In 2022 the eleventh edition of RIMUN will take place. The team is honored and excited to bring you the largest edition of RIMUN to date, continuing the association's dedication to discourse, eloquence, and community. Registrations for it will start soon!

Our Venues


Set in the beautiful and historical campus of the Ancien Collège des Jésuites, the Reims International Model United Nations offers delegates a unique opportunity to debate and network with students from all of the regional campuses of Sciences Po Paris, as well as several other major universities from all over the world.


Although all debates are held in the Ancien Collège des Jésuites Campus of Sciences Po, the RIMUN association makes sure that our participants can explore and discouver the most exclusive venues in Reims.

Every year during the RIMUN conference, a gala is organized for all of its participants. Usually, it takes place in the prestigious Palais du Tau. The Palais du Tau is situated at the foot of the cathedral and use to be the place where the Kings of France, after being coronated, would go with their court and other nobles to celebrate. 


The RIMUN opening ceremony is typically held in a landmark of Reims: the saloons of the town hall. After the ceremony, our participants are treated with a cocktail and Reims' special sparkling wine: champagne.